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fic: If Only They Knew [1/5] - "Friends" NBC

About fic: If Only They Knew [1/5]

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Title: If Only They Knew
Fandom: Friends
Pairing(s): Chandler/Rachel, Joey/Phoebe, Joey/Rachel, Joey/Ross, Monica/Rachel, Rachel/Ross
Genre: Adventure/Action, AU, Horror, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1000
Spoiler(s): --
Summary: When stocks take a turn for the worse, Matt gets tickets for him and his colleague, David, two tickets to the Caribbean, with all expenses paid. While days and nights of fun while they skived on their jobs were anticipated, they made the grave mistake of talking to a pretty girl on the cruise, who turned out to be the stranger nobody wanted to get to know.

"It was highly unsuitable for children to walk on, and just for laughs, he often wondered how Matt was allowed in."
A/N: I know I should use their names in the show, but their names in real life sound cooler. B)
(also, thank you so much in advance for reading and commenting - I will definitely reply you and add you back :) )
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